Transforming the City for The Summer Olympics

“The Summer Olympic Games of 1980, awarded to Moscow in 1974 by the International Olympic Committee, represented an unparalleled opportunity to showcase the superiority of Soviet athletes as well as the achievements of Soviet socialism before a world-wide audience (Lewis Siegelbaum)” 

In preparation of this big sports event, new construction work was done through out the city of Moscow. The entire city was transformed. New training facilities, hotels and stadiums were built in order to arrange for the amount of people coming into the city. New trees were planted and roads were newly paved as well.

summer olympics torch

The 1980’s Summer Olympics Torch

Fun Facts:

-Eighty nations were represented on the Olympic games.

-These were the final Olympic Games under the IOC Presidency of Michael Morris, 3rd Baron Killanin.

-There were 203 events – more than at any previous Olympics.

-There were 9,292 drug tests. None positive.

summer olympics

7 thoughts on “Transforming the City for The Summer Olympics

  1. The preparation for these Olympic Games is extremely similar to the Beijing games, Sochi games, and the Rio games. The infrastructure of these countries clearly couldn’t handle the Olympic games so the infrastructure in place would need to be modified or replaced. You shared some really interesting facts about the games. Thanks for sharing!


  2. As Parker wrote, it is interesting how the exiting infrastructure was insufficient to handle the Olympics, and I wonder if this was such a controversy at the time as it was in Sochi (with people not wanting the games in their town and saying that it would destroy their economy). Also, regarding the 0 positive drug tests…that seems a little fishy to me, but I wasn’t there.


  3. I really liked the interesting facts that you listed! I’m not sure I believe that no athlete tested positive for drugs but that’s just my opinion. The process of constructing all the necessary buildings to host an Olympics is expensive and timely. Rio is running into these issues now just like other nations have before them. Interesting post!


  4. Great post. I enjoyed the mention of how the entire city was mobilized into getting it ready for the Olympics. I can only imagine the preparation and work that would have taken. Also, the fun facts section was a great touch. Nice work!


  5. I liked you post. That many drug tests and non that turned out to be positive is mind boggling. I can’t image how much excitement everyone in the city must have been feeling the day before the opening ceremony.


  6. I found the facts listed at the end of the post to be really interesting. It is good that the Olympic games still went through, despite the boycott, because the Soviet Union used a massive amount of resources to prepare for the games. Also the Soviet Union was struggling financially, especially after the Afghanistan War, so the games helped give the people something to be proud of. ,


  7. I really liked the fun facts you listed very interesting. I would have liked to see more about those. It’s interesting how a country prepares in order to host a tremendous event such as the Olympics.


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